Our monthly memberships come with the flexibility to pay, freeze, leave and return when it works for you.


When you join us, you’ll be charged for your first month and a joining fee (subject to change).

The payment card details you provide when you join us will be used, every month, to pay for your ongoing subscription. We’ll take your monthly payments automatically, so that you can keep using your gym for as long as you’d like.

That means you’ll need to ensure that you have enough funds available each month, on your payment date, to cover your monthly PureGym membership.

If your bank tells us that the automatic payment has failed, we’ll temporarily suspend your membership for 10 days, to give you time to pay your missed amount. During that time, you won’t have access to your gym unless you make your missed payment for that month.

How to make a missed payment (within 10 days)

If you take no action, 10 days after your missed payment, we’ll try again. If that payment fails, we’ll assume that you’re taking a break and will automatically cancel your PureGym membership for you the next day.

We want you to enjoy your workouts without disruption, so it’s important to choose a payment card, and payment date, that works for you, to avoid your membership being suspended or cancelled.

If you wish to change your monthly payment card details, then login to your member’s area. If you’d like to amend your automatic payment date, then get in touch with our team on Whatsapp or Email who will be happy to help.


You should carefully check the full terms and conditions of your PureGym membership. You’ll be able to see these online, or on our mobile app, as you go through the steps to join us. You’ll also receive these (by email) as soon as you become a member.

If you don’t receive your welcome email, or payment reminders, then you should check your ‘junk’ items (and mark our emails as ‘not junk’), update your contact details in your member’s area, or let us know so we can update your preferences.

If you’ve joined PureGym with a special pre-opening offer, then your ongoing automatic monthly payments won’t start until one month after your new gym opens. If your gym is already open when you join us, your membership - and regular monthly payments - will start straight away.

How to check your next payment date and amount

Your monthly payment details, including your registered payment card can be changed in your member’s area. You can change your regular billing date by contacting us.


We understand that things change! If you’d like to take a break with your membership, it’s easy to put things on hold.

If you’re a CORE member, you can freeze your membership for up to 3months by paying a small monthly fee of 39SAR. These fees will be automatically taken on the same payment date, and from the same payment card as your membership.

Once your freeze period comes to an end, your regular monthly payments will restart, and your gym access will be reactivated.

Any special offers (such as a promotional price or new gym offer) will continue to apply unless they expire during your freeze period.

If you’re a PLUS member, freezing for up to 3months is free.

The option to freeze becomes available after you’ve been a member for a minimum of one month.

How to freeze or unfreeze your membership


If you decide that you’d like to end your PureGym membership permanently, you can cancel at any time.

If you choose to cancel your membership and decide later that you’d like to re-join, then you won’t be entitled to your previous monthly price plan and will incur the latest monthly prices and joining fees.

Simply login and select the option to ‘cancel.’

You’ll need to cancel your subscription at least 10 working days before your next automatic payment date, to prevent any further payments being taken.


It couldn’t be easier to rejoin PureGym and we can’t wait to welcome you back!

Login to reactivate your membership – subject to any price changes and joining fees.

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